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Mohanad Mansour
Singer and composer



Mohanad Mansour is a Danish singer and composer of Palestinian origin. He was born in 1980 in Saida, which is located in the southern part of Lebanon. At the age of 8, he travelled to Denmark with his family, which is where he is currently residing. From a very young age, Mohanad was very inspired by music, especially the oriental genre with the quartertones. Similarly, he also grew a keen interest in the Islamic call to prayer, "Athan", which came from the mosques in Saida.
In 1997, Mohanad visited his home country for the first time. During his brief visit he became particularly known for his beautiful voice in his village Kafr Kana and the surrounding area. He called for prayer ("Athan") in various mosques, whilst also performing at different events in the village and its surrounding areas.
In 1948, Mohanad’s grandfather was forced to flee the country, as he was being persecuted by occupying forces for his support to the freedom fighters in Palestine. This story inspired a journalist from a national newspaper, which subsequently interviewed Mohanad and chose to title the article, "Grandfather was on the run and the grandson returned and called to prayer (he came back making the Athan)".
In 2009, Mohanad once again succeeded in visiting his family in Kafr Kana. During this trip, one of his greatest dreams was fulfilled. A wish he had hoped to complete in 1997. During a visit to the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Mohanad’s dream became a reality when he was given the honour of calling to prayer (Athan) from the Holy Mosque.
In 2007, Mohanad, in collaboration with some of his good Danish friends, formed the Hanin Band, which he has toured most of Europe with.
In 1998 Mohanad came out with his first album, "Ya you leulaahu", at the age of 18.
In 2009 he released his second album, "Lel qudse nashdou", which was about his love for Palestine.
In 2016, his third album, "Ahla Kelme", came out.